Samples of leadership work, writing, and teaching. 


  • Leadership Transition Plan.  As an incoming principal tasked with turning around a school in Syracuse, NY, I developed a plan for learning as much as I could about the school, and then setting priorities.  Download.
  • New Vision.  Results of Leadership Transition Plan, with priorities for moving forward. Download.
  • Equity Report Card.  As a member of the Ithaca City School District Board of Education, I served on the Equity and Inclusion Leadership Council (EILC).  The EILC developed an annual Equity Report Card to hold the district accountable to its goal to "eliminate class, race, and disability as predictors of school success."  Download.
  • Recruitment and Retention Plan. Also while on the ICSD Board of Education, I chaired the Human Resources Committee. We developed a strategic plan to recruit and retain a diverse and culturally competent faculty. Download.

scholarly writing

  • Dissertation. "Runners, Biters, and Chair Throwers: Discourses of Order and Medicalization in Inclusion." Download.
  • Article:  Borntein, J. (2015). "If they're on Tier I, there are really no concerns that we can see:" PBIS Medicalizes Compliant Behavior. Journal of Ethnographic and Qualitative Research, 9, 4, 247-267. Download.


  • Syllabi. Sample syllabi from courses on inclusive teaching and leadership. Download.
  • Assignment. This leadership assignment asked students to develop a briefing on the school-to-prison pipeline for a fictional candidate for Superintendent of the Ferguson-Florissant school district in Ferguson, MO. Download.
    • Student work.  Two samples of completed projects by Education Leadership students on this school-to-prison pipeline assignment.
      • Sample PowerPoint briefing.  Download.
      • Sample briefing graphic poster.  Download.
  • Mid-term exam.  Sample mid-term exam in course on leadership in special education administration.  Download.