Pearson loses huge testing contract in New York — and gets more bad news - The Washington Post

A good step. And some good lessons for us.

First, activism works. Without organizing of families, teacher unions (@NYSUT), and administrators to push back against Pearson, this would not have happened.  We need to stay vigilant about the successor contractor because...

Second, this neoliberal corporate reform is like the Hydra, with many heads.  So, we will need to continue to educate our friends and colleagues that 

  • these tests do not diagnose student learning.  They are designed to sort and sift students, not tell us what know and can do, or conversely where the gaps are in their knowledge, and
  • these tests do not indicate the quality of teaching that students have received.  The psychometric testing industry still has shown no credible evidence that student test scores predict good teaching or bad.