In a recent incarnation as principal, I was hired to lead the design phase at a turnaround effort at a school of nearly 900: 760+ students Pre-K to 5th grade and approximately 100 adults. At the end of my interview for the job, I used my one question to find out how a district that wanted to be "the most improved urban school district in the country" might empower the school to turn itself around.  I asked, "Will this reform be done by us, with us, for us, or to us?"  This blog applies what I learned in that effort. You can also find samples of the work I did to build a democratic turnaround plan.

Presently, I am teaching the Educational Leadership program at Felician University. Our program makes social justice an explicit part of this training.  I have posted samples of my syllabi, assignments, and student work.

I am also presently consulting with a variety of groups, from schools to restorative justice advocates, on inclusion, and the reorientation of Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports toward justice, not simply order.